Transportation Defense

Transportation Defense

Unprecedented Experience And Results

From the insurance company’s first notice of loss until the case is dismissed, transportation clients rely on Mordini Schwartz Vine for the effective, reliable and consistent defense of motor vehicle claims involving commercial and personal automobile liability policies. For more than two decades the firm has defended tens of thousands of automobile negligence cases, achieving an exemplary record of success that is unsurpassed in scope, volume and longevity.

Trusted Representation By Industry Leaders

Mordini Schwartz Vine is known for exceptional representation of taxis, medical transport carriers, bus companies, para-transit services and trucking lines in every aspect of defense litigation and pre-litigation planning.  Liability carriers, third-party administrators and self-insureds entrust Mordini Schwartz Vine to defend both personal automobile insureds and perceived deep pocket transportation clients in an ever-changing landscape that includes the influx of ride-share services like Uber.  No strangers to change in the insurance litigation landscape, Mordini Schwartz Vine is versatile and prepared to take on tough cases against respected adversaries.

Efficient Defense Strategies That Work

More than twenty years of defense litigation experience means that Mordini Schwartz Vine is equipped to immediately appreciate and respond to any legal or procedural scenario presented.  The ability to step up, take charge and develop a sensible litigation strategy enhances the likelihood of a successful outcome and minimizes unnecessary expense to the client.  Mordini Schwartz Vine guarantees a practical and realistic defense strategy that draws on decades of transportation litigation experience.

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