Premises Liability Defense

Premises Liability Defense

Diverse Industry Representation

For decades Mordini Schwartz Vine has defended taverns, restaurants and nightclubs in claims ranging from falls in parking lots to gang violence at an inner-city drive thru.  Mordini Schwartz Vine is used to dealing with unusual fact patterns in premises liability cases.  From defending bars that hire aggressive bouncers to representing  fast food franchises that save chicken for too long, insurance companies are confident knowing that the firm’s defense abilities are enhanced by their familiarity with a range of insured business entities.

Holding Plaintiffs Accountable

From falls on icy stairs at an apartment complex to late night barroom brawls, creative plaintiffs find a way to seek compensation from innocent property owners and businesses. Mordini Schwartz Vine is determined to hold plaintiffs accountable for the results of their own actions. Whether due to a failure to observe an obvious hazard or an intentional provocation with unexpected results,  Mordini Schwartz Vine will explore and assess the strengths and weaknesses of every case and develop a solid strategy to protect the integrity of the insured’s home, business  and livelihood against the consequences of unforeseen litigation.

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