Liquor Liability Defense

Liquor Liability Defense

Metropolitan And Suburban Dram Shop Defense

For twenty years Mordini Schwartz Vine has defended cases brought under The Illinois Liquor Control Act (also known as the Dram Shop Act).  Mordini Schwartz Vine has represented hundreds of Chicago area taverns, nightclubs, restaurants and lounges in dram shop claims alleging intoxication as a proximate cause of injuries.  Businesses that serve alcohol are always at risk of being sued under the dram shop statute and liquor liability carriers engage Mordini Schwartz Vine for their experience defending a varied assortment of liquor-serving establishments in a variety of northern Illinois jurisdictions.

Meeting The Challenges Of Liquor Liability Defense

Engaging and communicating with dram shop clients is essential to developing a provable defense.  The transient nature of service industry employees means that quick action is necessary in order to preserve evidence and obtain the cooperation of witnesses. With experience handling difficult and often uncooperative entities,  Mordini Schwartz Vine insists on open communication  in order to maintain cooperation and encourage insured participation in the defense.

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