First Party Defense

First Party Defense

Experience That Matters In Uninsured Motorist Cases

Mordini Schwartz Vine has been defending uninsured and underinsured motorist claims for 20 years.  With a renowned passion for advocacy in the UM arena that is proudly reflected in the firm’s arbitration results,  Mordini Schwartz Vine approaches uninsured motorist claims with a skepticism that is often reserved for the courtroom.  By taking advantage of company resources and building a defense that is viable in the eyes of an arbitrator, the firm enjoys a track record of awards and settlements that challenge the notion of unavoidable arbitration windfalls.

UM And UIM Defense With A Purpose

In a practice area ripe for unscrupulous claims, Mordini Schwartz Vine makes sure that first-party actions are tested with scrutiny and proven according to the law.  Claimants in first-party uninsured motorist / hit and run claims often expect an informal and non-adversarial proceeding without resistance from the carrier’s retained counsel.  Mordini Schwartz Vine defends first-party claims no differently than lawsuits decided by juries.  From focused interrogation of claimants under oath to insisting on compliance with conditions precedent, the firm has achieved unrivaled success in defeating claims and minimizing the carrier’s liability in first-party uninsured and underinsured motorist claims.

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