Client Services

Client Services

Pre-Litigation Support

Mordini Schwartz Vine encourages claims personnel to pick up the phone and call for practical and tactical advice on issues that arise during the handling of a claim.    Clients regularly reach out to Mordini Schwartz Vine for immediate feedback on claims-related decisions.   Adjusters are encouraged to contact Mordini Schwartz Vine for help settling a case or for the lowdown on a particular plaintiff’s counsel.  Having worked as both outside and in-house counsel for more than twenty years, Mordini Schwartz Vine can likely provide a fast and accurate response to any claims or litigation-related issue.

Arbitration Services

Mordini Schwartz Vine provides arbitration services to insurance companies and defense counsel that require competent and experienced arbitrators to hear and decide disputed claims. Having litigated thousands of bodily injury and property damage claims both in the courtroom and at arbitration, the firm’s attorneys serve as appointed arbitrators in claims administered through the American Arbitration Association and in private arbitration settings as determined by counsel.

Educational Programs

Mordini Schwartz Vine presents formal and informal educational and training seminars to insurance companies and self-insureds.  Over the years the firm has organized presentations  covering a range of industry-relevant topics including claims practices, vehicle safety,  trial techniques, caselaw developments, legislative updates, UM claims handling, policy interpretation  and changes in evidentiary and procedural rules.

Major Accident Investigation And Protocol

Mordini Schwartz Vine attorneys assist transportation clients in the investigation of catastrophic accidents and in the implementation of major accident-investigation protocols .  The firm’s attorneys are adept in assembling requisite teams of engineers, investigators and technicians to provide necessary guidance in the aftermath of a disaster so that the carrier can confidently evaluate liability, severity and exposure while the facts are still fresh and while the witnesses are still available.

Fraud Investigation And Prevention

Mordini Schwartz Vine aggressively explores cases of suspected insurance fraud.  The firm works closely with SIU departments to provide assistance and support to carriers, counsel and government agencies in the defense and prosecution of insurance fraud claims ranging from first-party claims abuse to staged accidents and medical fraud.  For years  Mordini Schwartz Vine has provided legal support for claims decisions, conducting policy-mandated examinations under oath to identify and deter claims manipulation and fraud.